Are you looking for a smooth gradient yarn?

Then look no further than here at Gradiance Yarns!

One that isn’t stripey?

Our colours fade slowly, just like a gradient should.

One that isn’t crinkly?

Our skeins are not dyed on pre- knitted blanks.

One that isn’t made of mini-skeins?

Our skeins are one long continuous length of yarn.

Gradiance Yarns is the home of our hand dyed gradient yarns. You can’t buy our products anywhere else. 


We are a small independent yarn and fibre dyeing business established in 2012 in the UK.


With a particular fondness for gradient and ombré colours, we dye only animal fibre yarns and tops for you to knit, crochet, and spin with into your own wonderful projects!


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5 Church Acre, Flowton, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP8 4LL


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Samantha Main

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Gradiance Yarns is now closed. Please visit Dismiss

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