This is super exciting for us here at Gradiance Yarns. One of our yarns has been featured in a magazine!

I read my first knitting magazines at the age of 15, just after I had picked up knitting again. I say¬†“again” very loosely there, because I made that leftover scarf you do when you’re a child and first learning. I’ve read many knitting magazines since then, bought pattern books, single patterns, and downloaded I really don’t know how many of the free patterns on Ravelry.¬†There are so many places online to look for what you want.

There are so many places online to find what you are looking for nowadays. But I still don’t think you can compare a digital screen to having a magazine or book in your hands to work from. When it’s just me, my knitting, and my magazine I feel like I can slow down and be in my own little world. With so much to worry about in today’s fast-paced modern lifestyles, when all you have to worry about is getting a stitch wrong, it can be bliss!

So to have one of my yarns featured in a magazine is an honour and I’m so pleased! Love to Knit and Crochet magazine is published on a monthly basis. And this month they chose me! Still growing it’s following, I’m honoured to be in one of the early issues. And here it is…

Our First Magazine Feature |

Our First Magazine Feature |

Pumpkin Punch is a mix of vibrant fiery oranges with gentle and calm peaches. I created this colourway a few years back, and today I still find it absolutely gorgeous!

Gradiance Yarns Pumpkin Punch on Woolly DK Yarn |

Gradiance Yarns Pumpkin Punch on Woolly DK Yarn |

Back in 2013 I first used the yarn to make this Puerperium Cardigan. If you’ve not come across the pattern before, you need to go get it now. It is by Kelly Broker, it is free and is an absolute delight to make.

Puerperium Cardigan in Pumpkin Punch Woolly DK |

Puerperium Cardigan in Pumpkin Punch Woolly DK |

Love To Knit And Crochet magazine is available from all big Tesco stores. I’ll be looking forward to reading this month’s issue from cover to cover!

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