Yes. It’s true. The doors on Gradiance Yarns will be closing at the end of November 2018.

Standing next to a dye pot for a few hours at a time just for one skein of double knit gradient yarn is not time I can afford anymore. Fingering weight and lace being even longer. Nor is it time I want to afford.

Imagine what you can do with two hours.

Watch a film with a loved one.

Have coffee with a friend.

Play board games with your family.

Cook and eat a delicious meal.


My family and friends are more important than that one skein of gradient yarn. And I imagine yours are to you too.

I want to be spending more time creating memories with them.

So yes. I am hanging up my gradient dyeing skills.

And with that the name. Gradiance Yarns.

If you want to follow the memories I create then please visit me at Fated Yarns, where I will be recreating memories on yarn. There will be semi-solids, tonals, multi-coloured, and maybe even some speckled yarn. But there won’t be any more gradients from me.

Life is too short to spend that amount of time alone next to alone next to a dye pot.

If you want any of my gradients now is your chance. Everything is in the store and once it’s gone it’s gone for good.

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