Trombolice is semi-solid mix of dark purples. Named after a conversation I had at work over the song “Freed From Desire”, where one of our company colours is…purple!

It goes through a total of three dye stages to build up the colour, with the water never even reaching a simmer.

First it has a short bath in some pink:

Trombolice - A Colour Profile |

Then a longer bath in some violet:

Trombolice - A Colour Profile |

And finally it has a very long soak in a touch of black until all the dye has been soaked up and the water cooled:

Trombolice - A Colour Profile |

And the finished product? Here it is, looking fabulous and powerful!

Gradiance Yarns Trombolice on Woolly Yarn | www.gradianceyarns.cou.k


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